Things are really hotting up, in the 2econd Friday Awards Season.  We are delighted to confirm, Carrot Top seemed pretty excited to accept the award for Best Show Experience.

And what a fantastic show it is.  I remember before we went to see Carrot Top the first time, we weren’t really expecting to be that amused.  But, cripes, we literally laughed out loud.  Loudly.  If you haven’t been to see Carrot Top, we insist (okay, suggest) you go.  He is hilarious (if you like laughing).

We were delighted to be joined by Very Special Guest, Jim Briare, and Special Guest, Jim’s brother, Bob.  Before the show, we went to TENDER Steakhouse.  This was the first time we’d been there.  We pondered whether it should be on the shortlist for the Best Steakhouse award.  Hmmm, no.  The staff were very friendly, though, so that was nice.  We did enjoy learning of Bob’s very difficult sales work he used to do for 4 Queens.  And we just generally really enjoyed hanging out with Jim, and Bob. 

Before the meal, Zoe had a fantastic day of being a resortist.  She went to the Titanic exhibition, the Bodies exhibition, and the Pyramid café for lunch.  Luxor really does have a great selection of activitising opportunities.  Those two exhibitions, then three shows (Carrot Top, Fantasy, and Blue Man Group) which have been running for many, many years.  All this then makes use ponder whether Luxor should be on the shortlist for Best Resort Experience (ie. the grand winner of 2econd Friday Season 1).

This month’s video comes with a very handy guide to all room numbers on the top floor of Luxor.  As you can, you should surely be asking to stay in room #30,100, or #30,120.  When Zoe was checking in, the person seemed to suggest #30,120 is never rented out.

Before then, though, our next award from Season 1 is Best Steakhouse.  The short-list is:

  • Circa (Barry’s Downtown Prime)
  • 4 Queens (Hugo’s Cellar)
  • Resorts World (Carversteak)

Hmm, does the video perhaps rid us of the value of this shortlist.  Don’t worry.

Oh, let’s just finish by going back to 1993, when Luxor opened.  Just a few weeks before it opened, I had no idea it was going be opening.  In fact, in 1993, I had no real comprehension of Las Vegas, or that within ten years of then, I would be dreaming of moving to Las Vegas.  I do remember, one Friday afternoon, being round at The Great Sinc’s flat in Aberdeen, with Paul, and hearing this month’s tune for the first time.  It’s no doubt been a Tune of the Month, before, but it’s worth it being so another time.  Rupert and I are going to see them, in Glasgow, in October.  I cannae wait.  They will undoubtedly play this.

Tune of the Month: "Acperience 1" by Hardfloor

Dress Code: Fashion Forward